Leveraging Social Media

The talk is riveting. The presenter is entertaining. I have learned so many interesting facts.  I cringe inwardly when I realize how the speaker has missed a golden opportunity…

It is an undisputed fact that presenting to an audience is one of the best ways to gain visibility for your business.  When I stand up to speak, then I notice some people are “working”, playing Candy Crush or texting their latest flame. The best advice I can offer to attempt to gain the audience’s attention is to  read Jeff Haden’s post.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

– Napoleon Hill

I am the speaker’s worst nightmare. I constantly fiddle with my phone as I transition between taking notes and photographs, unless the presenter has taken advantage of the strategies mentioned below…

Now the audience’s attention is focused upon you.

How can you leverage this opportunity to share your content and connect on social media?

Most people use PowerPoint or Google slides to present. There are several other options like Canva and Zoho.

Tip 1: Share the slide deck with your audience online before you present.

Include the link in the header slide and in the footer of all the slides.

If you are using PowerPoint to present your slides, share the presentation using SlideShare or Speakerdeck.

It’s free.


There are two options:

  1. Provide a direct link to the presentation in Slideshare.
  2. Embed the presentation on your website. (This is preferable if you want to direct traffic to your site.)

If your site is built using WordPress, embed the link, or iframe, try the Embed Any Document plugin or Responsive Slide plugin.

Google slides users can embed the link to the presentation in Google Drive. (See Dwayne’s presentations.)

Tip 2: Use a url shortener to share the link to the presentation

If you put up a  link to your presentation  in your first slide, then your audience will spend the rest of your talk making sure they are able to connect to it.
Make it easy with a url shortener.

I like Bit.ly, but there are others such as Goo.gl  that work just as well.

Tip 3: Share the link on Social Media

Before the presentation, share the link to your presentation on social media.
Instead of providing a link to the slide deck in the first slide, you can provide your Twitter handle or Facebook page and invite users to get the link from there.


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