Cynthia Payne – Author

Cynthia Payne – Author

I had the privilege of talking with a kind and generous person in the form of Cynthia Payne, an author who writes self help books. Her best-selling product is Attitude within the Workplace: An Eight-Step Healing Process

 It’s never too late to turn your life around.

    –Cynthia Payne

Contact Snapshot

Business Name : Cynthia Payne


Phone: 571-212-5217

Address: Manassas, VA

Business hours:

After 4pm Eastern Time

Facebook page

Attitude within the workplaceBarriers to Publishing a Book

Cynthia said that she thought of writing a book, but believed that she would not be able to publish because she felt that her grammar needed improvement. A coworker encouraged her to overcome her barriers and write her book. She became an author in February 2013 now she has two more books planned for publication in the near future. The first is called “My Passion: Your Experience”.

Locating Clients

Cynthia’s target audience is business owners, people working in corporate America and anyone who seeks self-improvement.  She meets her clients at speaking engagements, networking events and through professional organizations.


Cynthia is motivated to write by her desire to help others succeed and make a difference in their lives. She borrowed money from her Dad to publish the first book.  Looking back on her personal experience Cynthia advises people who need funding for their business to put money aside, look for grants and other potential backers, borrow from family and fund through projects like “Kickstarter”.

Donating to the Community

Cynthia helps those in need, not only through her writing, but also by donating half of her profits to St. Jude Hospital. From a marketing perspective, partnering with a charitable cause has helped to drive sales. Cynthia also donated her book to her local library to generate interest.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Cynthia has been very generous with sharing the tips that helped and motivated her.

Gain Clarity by :

  • Getting a Mentor
  • Taking a Mastermind classVision Board
  • Creating a vision board
  • Know your intentions and be clear about what you want and what you seek in life.


  • Join Professional groups such as NAPW – National Association of Professional Women
  • for potential backers.
  • Book clubs.

Confidence equals success


  • Surround yourself by like-minded People.
  • Believe in Yourself. Never give up. Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Replace doubt with positive thinking
  • Decrease your fears and increase your faith.
  • Mistakes make you better.

     Create a Platform


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