Kathy Miller Wilson – WELA Workshops

Kathy Miller Wilson – WELA Workshops

Whilst talking to Kathy Wilson of WELA (Workplace Etiquette Leadership Academy) Workshops I felt the deep commitment that she has of bringing leadership experience gained in the workforce to young adults entering the workforce, teams and individuals  ‘building people to become the best versions of themselves’.

What impressed me about Kathy that is not included in her list of services is how she as an individual felt motivated to expand her job description from Budget Director into something that inspired and fulfilled her. Coworkers who understood her talents would approach her for help and advice. She loved grooming staff for greatness, revealing their strengths and weaknesses, passions, unique talents and gifts.  She loved seeing that light bulb come on when they “Got It”, and moved from awareness to growing with intention into their purpose, and eventually soar into their destiny.

Contact Snapshot

Business Name : Workplace Etiquette Leadership Academy (WELA)

Website: WELAworkshops.weebly.com

Email: WELAworkshops@gmail.com

Phone: 540-446-5066

Address: 38 Neasbco Drive, Fredericksburg VA, 22405

Business hours:

9:00 AM– 5:00 PM Eastern Time

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As a supervisor she would encourage her team to further their education, and helped them navigate the system so that they could get the Federal government to pay for their training. Later she took the principle a step further by taking on summer interns and successfully applied the same principles to them. The ad hoc coaching made Kathy realize that she could contribute further by creating workshops from scratch in her workplace. It was there that the seeds of WELA were planted.

There is no doubt that 20 years of workplace Management, Leadership and Hiring experience can bring value to an individual who has barriers, difficulties or simply needs coaching from an experienced professional. However, Kathy has more than experience and knowledge; she has a secret sauce that inspires people to shift their perspectives and transform themselves. That mysterious ingredient, in my opinion, is the root of WELA Workshops’ success.

WELA Services:

  1. A Career-building Skills Workshop uniquely tailored to teach often unspoken, career enhancing competencies to young adults newly entering the workforce. This workshop shares things leaders and hiring officials are looking for, but don’t tell you until they’ve selected someone else for that opportunity you thought you were prepared for. It teaches the skills necessary today to be successful and to distinguish oneself as a winner in the competitive 21st century workplace.
  2. Team building Offsite Retreats uniquely tailored to the needs of your team, to include but not limited to
    • Group Dynamics
    • Interactive Activities & Exercises
    • Time Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Project Planning & More

    WELA can aid you and your team with personal and professional growth path.

  3. Leadership Mastermind Group Studies & Lunch -N- learn Workshops based on John C. Maxwell’s New York Times Best Seller’s list books. These have proven to help increase productivity, build teams, and improve group dynamics.
  4. Vision Board Workshops:
    The workshops are an upbeat gathering of like minded people committed to taking their lives to the next level. Kathy and her partner encourage self-introspection and sharing that inspires participants to become the best versions of themselves.es. Friendships are formed, business connections are made, and people are empowered to grow with intention. The experience is life changing!
  5. Career Coaching Services.
    As a Professional Career Coach, Kathy provides content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback.  She helps her clients move from awareness to action and accountability.  Her coaching provides many structures for you to meet your individual and organizational goals.
  6. Facilitated Goal Setting & Strategic Planning Events for business teams, corporations, associations & Federal, state & local government organizations.
  7. Monday Leader-Tips: Weekly Steps to Greatness Tips by those who have already climbed promote personal and professional growth; They are free of charge and are currently distributed to over 1000 people each Monday morning.



WELA is eight years old.  It has evolved over the years from the Monday Leader-tips distribution and retreat workshop to a full-scale business.

About WELA

Kathy Wilson - WELAWorkplace Etiquette Leadership Academy (WELA) is a Woman Owned, Minority Small Business. Kathy Miller Wilson is the Founder & CEO of WELA, and a Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.  Kathy has a Master of Science Degree in Administration/Management Information Systems from The George Washington University in Washington D.C., and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Lincoln University in PA. Through Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring, Kathy’s goal is to help maximize the potential of individuals, teams and/or organizations, and move them in the desired direction to reach their goals.

WELA caters for anyone and everyone interested in learning the tools to grow to their full potential.

Locating Clients

Kathy finds clients through networking, Facebook, attending SBA(Small Business Administration) workshops, and her hugely popular Monday Leader-tip distribution.

Newbie advice

Kathy’s advice to new entrepreneurs starting out is to check out SCORE, an organization targeting small businesses in the Washington DC metro area with a wealth of information for all locations and workshops and mentoring for local businesses.(SCORE has local chapters across the nation.)


Looking forward

Kathy’s vision for success would be that WELA becomes a household name. Corporations and organizations big and small would seek WELA to train and prepare their workforce to be team players and high producers; Students would consider WELA’s Career -building Skills workshop to be a mandatory stop on their journey to successful careers; People looking for leadership skills and training would seek WELA first; and People stuck in work environments that don’t promote growth seek WELA Career Coaching first.

Mentor needed

Kathy is looking for a mentor to help her navigate the process of Government (Federal & State) certifications to do business with them and help her to qualify for procurement opportunities

WELA Opportunities

Sign up for weekly Monday Leader- tips

Vision board workshop 20th May

Also contact WELA to host your own Vision Board Workshop.

Career-building Skills Workshop, June 16th, Friday

Kathy compiled a list of Success Strategies from a panel discussion of 6 millionaires at an SBA (Small Business Administration) Expo. Readers are invited to opt-in for the list.