Lydia Elle – Mindset and Business consultant

Lydia Elle – Mindset and Business consultant

To catch a thought before it becomes a feeling that determines an action is the skill of a lifetime.

My mission is to teach women these skills.

Lydia Elle

Lydia Elle is a mindset and business consultant and multipreneur. Her best-selling product is her book, “And So I Prayed…: The First 40 Days: Special Edition” available from Amazon in print and on Kindle.

Contact Snapshot

Business Name : Lydia Elle

Address: 1455 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. Ste. 3581, Gardena, CA 90247


Phone: 256-656-8663

Business hours: By Appointment

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Lydia is a former Math Professor who became an author, mindset and life transition coach, and public speaker.  She advocates for women’s empowerment, education and support for single women, and particularly single motherhood.

The bestselling book available from Amazon, “And So I Prayed…” is an inspirational, self-help book teaching people how to learn about their own strength while in difficulty.  In most cases people gain the wisdom in hindsight. When Lydia was experiencing her own struggle she witnessed her ability to use the struggle to gain strength and she maintains that when someone is in the trenches they want a perspective from the trenches. In the case of single motherhood, she understands the fortitude needed to maintain the mindset necessary for the little person that you are raising. There is no shared responsibility, no other parent to give you a break.

And So I Prayed

In addition to the book Lydia teaches classes about her journey online and in-person. She has been invited as a guest on podcasts, and a book marketing consultant has invited her to share her knowledge since her book marketing strategy is an atypical journey.

The best deal available is the group classes. Individual coaching can help attendees immensely. Many understand the value of a 1:1 session and take advantage of that after the class.

Lydia’s audience is all women: single women and mothers, stay at home moms, corporate and entrepreneurial women who know that there is something they want to change but don’t know how to do that.

When Lydia is not writing, teaching or podcasting she sings as a backup singer for various artists in the Los Angeles area.


Lydia used to work at the Pentagon as a mathematical analyst. She wanted to do more for people. Ultimately she took the leap, walked away from her job and wrote the book that became a best seller within hours. The popularity gained by the book solidified that Lydia has the right message and that the message is needed by many women.


In addition to her MBA, Bachelor’s degrees in both Math and Music, Lydia holds a Masters in Pastorial Services.

Locating Clients

She finds her clients through referrals, social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Client Engagement

Typically, Facebook engagement peaks between 10-11am EST, and Instagram engagement peaks between 4-5pm EST.

Looking forward

Lydia feels that she has already become successful since her book became a best seller within hours of release. Her goal is to help as many people as possible.

If she had unlimited access to government or local  she would request improved services  and resources for motherhood  such as post-natal assistance, maternity leave, and reducing early childhood education costs.

Lydia’s Tips

“Less is more. “

Social media inundated with classes and everyone is selling something. Filter out the noise and work on being clear with your message. Don’t want to get caught speaking someone else’s language.

  • Offer your service to your circle of influence and to the people that you know.
  • Everyone is not your customer and that’s ok.

Success is not a milestone, it’s a mindset.

Lydia Elle