Mari Geasair – More Clients, Less Stress

Mari Geasair – More Clients, Less Stress

To business that we love we rise betime, And go to’t with delight.

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Meet  Mari Geasair with More Clients, Less Stress and Mari serves clients who are service-preneurs such as therapists, healers, creatives, and other service providers who seek to make the world a better place through their unique talents.

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She finds that many of these people have deep enthusiasm, skills and motivation to help their fellow humans but don’t know how to create solid marketing and business structures that will support them well and make their lives easier. Sometimes, they are even reluctant to get the help they need because they see business building as boring or even distasteful.

They are not motivated only by  selling products or creating an on-line empire, but instead want to serve clients 1:1, and view their mission as far more important than pursuing their financial well being. Due to this lack of focus, they either don’t know how to get enough clients to keep their business flowing in a stress-free manner or lack the business processes.

Mari feels sad when she sees those people fail because they lack good systems. From a selfish perspective, she enjoys this niche since she believes that these are the people that make the world a better place and she can  spread the good around by helping them.


The entrepreneurial spirit hit Mari at an early age. As a child she started a dog boarding business. Kennels and local vets knew that Mari was good at caring for the animals and were happy to recommend her. The profits were used to pay for her college education in English and Theater. Following her graduation, Mari started teaching corporate organizations customer service skills using theater improvisation techniques and games.

Several years and businesses later Mari was in between work assignments when she had what she calls her “year of eating”. Her friends and acquaintances would invite her for meals in order to pick her brains and get business advice. Eventually one of them was honest enough to tell her that this could be her coaching business. Mari was incredulous. To her coaching was something that athletes receive. Her friend was able to persuade her and in addition to her natural abilities she also gained her qualifications at Coach University and now coaches 1:1 clients and small groups. 35+ years of experience, the wisdom gained from thousands of clients as well as her education have made Mari into a Business Coaching Bomb!

Want to be a Beta Tester?

Currently Mari has an on-demand, on-line course in Authentic Marketing for Service Providers in development. The good news is that this means that people can sign up now and get 3 months access for only $27.00 to a rough draft version of the course including 24 tutorial videos and accompanying worksheets.

People can sign up at:

#coffeechat “Why you should spend LESS time with your clients. How learning to focus on the “business of the business” will make your life much easier and your business more profitable.”

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Locating Clients

Mari finds her clients by word of mouth, public speaking and recently Facebook Live videos have been a hit and expanded her exposure significantly.

Client Engagement

Mari finds that her busy seasons are February and October seem to be busy seasons. (Back to school and New Year). Interestingly she discovered that many business owners become more engaged and seek more help growing their businesses after a significant event or milestone in their business. For example, a significant birthday, or after they have been in business for the first year, or with the birth of a new child. When people find they want MORE from both their personal lives, and from their businesses is typically when they reach out for support.

Looking forward

Success for Mari is the freedom to travel the country spending time pursuing outside interests and hobbies and still being able to support herself well and help others at the same time. Flexibility and freedom.

If Mari had unlimited access to county and state officials she would urge them to bring about Healthcare reform. Under the current system the same creative spirits that she serves become extremely vulnerable, yet they are the very soul of our society nurturing our spiritual needs in diverse ways.  She advocates more listening and less posturing by public officials at every level of government and from every political party and/or viewpoint.


Mari’s Tips

  •    Facebook Live is a very effective marketing tool right now. People can learn to get comfortable and learn to use it more effectively (FOR FREE) by joining the Sensational Live Streamers group on Facebook Sensational Live Streamers.
  •    She is also a real fan of building a strong email list by offering interesting and valuable content to people who opt-in to your list. I really like LeadPages for that.
  •    And if people are struggling with how to create CONTENT for Facebook Live videos, or for written lead magnets or other marketing purposes, she does free 20 minute tutorials on authentic marketing and content marketing several times a week on her Facebook Page – More Clients, Less Stress  in learning the tools to grow to their full potential.

Quick hacks for making your Facebook live videos

Imperfect but not sloppy quick hacks for making your Facebook live videos and why video look a little better, without spending a fortune or getting bogged down in tech!

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  1. jennifer

    Nice blog post – clear and to the point! I also enjoyed the videos that are included. A lot of great information here.

    • Shelley Magnezi

      Thank you, Jennifer. I had intended to include one video, but the second video was so helpful to me, since I am guilty of all the wrong things described there, the light fittings, turtle neck, etc. I simply could not deny my readers that valuable info.

  2. Anastasia Webber

    Nice overview, Mari provides wonderful service to the clients and her online class is *such* a deal.

    • Shelley Magnezi

      Thanks for the comment, Anastasia. It is a deal. I signed up for it myself!

  3. Michelle

    Excellent post! I appreciated the tips, and especially the video on hacks for Facebook live videos. Super helpful!