Nannette Minley – Marketing Strategist

Nannette Minley – Marketing Strategist

This week I attended a Meet Up where a person spoke about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The talk had some interesting tips and insight; however the speaker did not fail to mention that his authority was based upon the fact that he has 10,000 followers and had written a book on the psychology of marketing. He invited us 3 times during the talk to email him and get his white paper without an opt-in.

According to my understanding this is the opposite of what Nannette Minley does. She coaches entrepreneurs trying to make an impact with customized marketing strategies for their business. The focus is on their vision and clarity rather than determining success in terms of 10,000 followers or the six figure slogan.

Contact Snapshot

Business Name : Nannette Minley



Phone: 602-348-3084

Business hours:9:00 AM– 5:00 PM (PST)

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Nanette’s target market is spiritual and soulful entrepreneurs. She enjoys helping people who help others, so many of her clients are holistic practitioners, nutritionists, photographers, doulas and people who positively impact society through their business. Most of her clients are acquired through Facebook. Live streaming drives engagement. She also participates in live streaming as a guest expert. Readers are invited to visit her website for ongoing opportunities and to read her blog.

Marketing Plan Package

Nanette has taken six months to formulate a marketing plan package that looks like business plan for only $400. It includes daily activities and collaboration to hone a good marketing plan. In addition an intensive 2-3 hour call with Nanette is included in the package. A beta tester tested the package over the course of 2 weeks and the trial was successful.

Client engagement

There is a spike in business around tax refund time when people realize that they could have taken advantage of opportunities and didn’,t or look for help when they see that they did not reach their target. She also sees more interaction early in the morning between 7am and 10am in her Facebook groups. She responds and shows her expertise.


Nanette says that if someone tries to sell you a marketing formula that is guaranteed to work or tries to tell you to market in a certain way; she sees that as a red flag. As a marketing strategist, she believes that you need to set personal goals and build the business in a way that is fulfilling for you. If you love your business, you will make money.

Business Story

Nanette Minley – business coach and marketing strategist is an interesting story. Her earliest marketing experience was at age 12 selling snicker doodles in school! Later she owned her own gluten free bakery business. There she discovered that she loved doing Facebook ads and marketing, but didn’t enjoy baking very much. From there she pursued network marketing where she coached a team. All was well until she took a vacation and the team sales dropped. At this point Nanette decided that all the coaching would be invested in personal clients and opened her business. Since she was very young at the time and did not have experience with applying for funding so she used her personal savings. Now she has more experience and also makes sure that she updates her skills. Not only does she have her own coach, but she also takes takes classes.

Looking Forward

Nanette is satisfied with her business progress. She helps with audience building, email list building, Facebook groups and engagement. She has several clients, creates marketing plans and enjoys what she does. She plans to hold an all-day intensive marketing seminar since she loves in person events and in person teaching.


For the business community she recommends Answer the Public, an online resource where the user enters a keyword and receives hundreds of questions. This is a wonderful tool for focusing on blog topics.

She would love for cities to have a city wide initiative for people to start their own businesses. It would definitely improve the economics of her local area and improve her personal situation since small businesses are her clients.


Readers are invited to sign up for the free Soulmate Client Challenge. This is a five day challenge where participants will create client avatars. When we know who our clients are and how we can help them, we can attract them by offering free products. Creating client avatars is also about diving deep into what their problems are. We are not always totally aware of the potential client’s problems until we do a deep analysis. Once we have identified the issue, we can create a sales funnel .

Understanding the target audience is crucial, since we tend to be too general when we attempt to market. If we are more specific, we can get noticed, identify who is ready and who wants to invest. Specific targeting will allow our brand to stand out.