About this Project

The client had a website for many years that she was using in order to promote her business coaching services.
From time to time she would request content changes and updates.
At some point I realized that if the site was updated to the newest version of PHP language it would break and we maintained the old version.
The client was ready to change the website content and the hosting company could no longer retain the old settings.


Install new software. Port each page design to the new software whilst incorporating design changes. Update the theme. Remove outdated software and unused pages.

Denise Harris Online


  1. We already had backup tools in place, so the first step was to make sure that the current version of the site was saved.
  2. Copy the existing production site to an offline location.
  3. Change the theme. Make design adjustments for the new theme.
  4. Add Calls to Action (CTA).
  5. Make content changes to reflect the current status of the client’s business.
  6. Improve website security.
  7. Improve Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)
  8. Test the new site for speed and responsiveness.
  9. Make the new content live and delete old software.



The client was happy with the result and liked the modernization bringing the site up to current standards.
She was happy that we had anticipated the issues with the old code so that she could plan to update here site. The site edits and updates came at a good time for her.
I felt priveledged to be able to serve a coach who truly helped her mentees and inspired me too.


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