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What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

In December, Wordfence reported the largest bruteforce attack ever targeting 1.4 billion username/password pairs.  Many of this data had never been targeted before.

Later they said that the attack is a Cryptomining Campaign Targeting WordPress Sites.

I, personally have been asked to work on so many WordPress sites that have no security protection installed, and so many that have lost their sites to malware and bruteforce attacks of this kind, that I resolved to help the small business community protect themselves by offering free security configuration for a limited time until January 15.

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If your WordPress site has been hacked check if your host will sanitize it for you, and then contact Sucuri or Wordfence for further advice.

If your are not sure, please check here


What I will need

  • Access to your WordPress account.
  • Access to your hosting account (preferable).
  • An email account where you will receive notifications of hacking attempts.

What I do:

  • Back up your site.
  • Install a Security Plugin.
  • Install code to prevent hackers from attaining easy access to your website.
  • Download your website and database and give you access to the files(hosting access required.)
  • Create a login captcha
  • Limit login attempts

For a free half hour security consultation, please contact me below.

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