Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories

I recently listened to a presentation by James Osborne from Google on Modern Content Creation and Strategy. The scoop was his section on Web Stories.

Web Stories are a modern way to engage with an audience who enjoy the swipe style of functionality that is used in Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. The framework behind the scenes is Amp. The advantage is that they load extremely fast, have ADA compliance built in and are stored on Google’s Servers.

You can easily:

  • Share your stories, add buttons and use different swipe effects.
  • Monetize using ads
  • Track and measure by adding tracking ids between the stories.
  • They don’t expire and are optimized for performance
  • Publish and unpublish them whenever you like.


If your site is built using WordPress you can easily create stories from within your WordPress dashboard using a plugin. There are drag and drop tools with 3rd party image and video tools. An additional feature is an accessibility tab on the plugin.


Your stories could show up in Google Search. It is not rolled out to all regions.

Stories appear on mobile in the carousel format on Google Discover, and in the grid view on Google Search.

On Mobile if you do an image or video search, there is a Story section. On an image search, the images can be found as an image card with a webstories icon.

The internet is highly competitive. If creating content using visual tools is something that you enjoy, I would consider using Stories for visibility.