Building and maintaining a business requires planning, research and tools. In our journey we have discovered some tools and resources that have helped us. We hope that they will be useful to you too!

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Every site needs web hosting. Put simply web hosting is where the files, information and content that create your website live. These files are stored on a remote computer which is known as a host. If your website is painfully slow, it may be due to the quality of service that you receive from your hosting company.

There are many companies out there and it is hard to know who to choose. I have been using Siteground for my personal WordPress site for a few years. Recently, they improved the service and now the sites  are super fast.

I am in love with Flywheel. In addition to the fact that the sites are superfast, their customer service is phenomenal. This is my GoTo solution for sites that are larger and can afford better hosting. The disadvantage is that Flywheel does not support emails. You will need to set up a separate hosting like Google or Microsoft for business emails.

Flywheel logo

My two favorite page builders are Divi because of  its robustness and multiple templates, and Beaver Builder for its simplicity.

They also both have themes that you can get for the same price.

I love Beaver Builder for its simplicity and the fact that it loads extremely fast. If you are looking for elegance and speed, this is the one. None of the other page builders are as intuitive as Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder is a theme and a page builder. The fact that the company has been around for so long and charges an annual fee gives me confidence to invest in this technology long term.

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Divi is a page builder and a theme. I love it because of  its robustness and multiple templates, that never fail to Wow my clients. You can change colors, fonts and images. There is a learning curve, but Elegant Themes (who create Divi) have lots of educational resources.

There are additional themes and plugins that are all included in the same price. I recommend taking a lifetime membership.



Beaver Builder






Base Camp


The first thing you do when you start a business is look for a logo. If you are starting on a budget, then how about a do-it-yourself model? Looka provides a good solution for a reasonable price point. Use Looka to design, edit, preview, and save as many logos as you want for free however, in order to download a logo without a watermark there is a small fee.