Lisa Shaughnessy – inkerB Consulting LLC

Lisa Shaughnessy – inkerB Consulting LLC

Lisa Shaughnessy’s passion is helping small businesses streamline their business processes. InkerB offers consulting services to help small businesses:

  • Create and organize their processes,
  • To easily delegate tasks,
  • Open room for more clients, and
  • Prevent costly mistakes.

Lisa offers both 1:1 consulting as well as in person workshops. In her estimate all of the workshops are great value since the participants get her undivided attention in an interactive 90 minute session at a price far lower than the consulting sessions and leave with at least one completed workflow.

Contact Snapshot

Business Name : inkerB Consulting LLC


Contact: Via her website  

Business hours:

8:00 AM– 5:00 PM Eastern Time


Facebook page 


The best product is Simplified Workflows for Client Onboarding Workshop. The next monthly 90 minute in person session will open on May 3rd in Vienna, VA and costs $77. See more details and register through  Eventbrite 

Target market

Lisa’s target market is entrepreneurs that offer services such as consultants, copywriters and lawyers. Typically their establishment has between 1-20 people, but most commonly between 1-5 people. She prefers to work with small groups and with small businesses.

Locating Clients

Lisa locates her clients through networking, both online and in person. On Facebook, she manages her own group and belongs to a few more. A local non-profit called The Community Business Partnership has provided training and network events affording opportunities to create relationships. A women-only group, Femworking  has been good for networking and some of the participants have even provided referrals.

Interestingly, the primary times that Lisa’s online community tends to engage are 7:00-8:00 AM and 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. More clients come to her programs in the New Year and after the New Year when people want to put their business resolutions into place. Business also picks up in the 3rd quarter around September –October when people realize that they have yet to realize their goals.

Business Process wiz-dom

Although she has been in business for six months, Lisa’s expertise in creating and organizing processes for business entities originates with her 25 year career in the government where she benefited from extensive training in process mapping and development. From these sessions, Lisa learned how to create organization, extract the relevant information, listen, negotiate and order tasks correctly. Over time, working alongside other professionals as well as with business entities of all sizes added to her knowledge and understanding of the issues faced.

Newbie advice

Her advice to new entrepreneurs starting out is to reach out to small business development centers and non-profits that cater for their needs and provide community. Business support groups alleviate the loneliness and encourage the business owners to be committed and help them to succeed. Oragnizations such as Community Business Partnership  in Springfield, the Arlington Economic Development Center  were helpful.
SCORE  offers mentoring, training and advice. Online magazines, Entrepeneur and Inc. provide tips and ideas since they focus on entrepreneurs. LinkedIn channels have also provided information.
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Looking forward

Lisa’s dream is to fill all of her workshops. She loves what she does and wants more folks to benefit from the service and know-how that she offers. She wishes that local and state governments would emulate the American Express model of Small Business expanded to a week and have the local communities and government be more active in promoting it and holding events