Mobile First is Here

Mobile First is Here

Mobile first arrived in 2014

It is taking us time to internalize this fact.

According to Google Analytics data  gathered by Google Search Engine in 2017, 40% of online transactions are carried out on mobile devices.

Mobile World Congress 2018

Recently, at the Mobile World Congress  in Barcelona, 3 industry leaders, Clorox CMO Eric Reynolds, Horizon Media Executive VP and Managing Partner Sarah Baehr, and Lego VP and Head of U.S. Marketing Amy Pascal stated

  1. Stop thinking of mobile as a channel; marketing is mobile.
  2. Make your creative mobile-first.
  3. Answer a consumer need.

Create your channel to be mobile first. Understand the way a user will navigate your website using their mobile device and give them what they are looking for as soon as possible. If you cannot provide that solution for them, they will quickly move on to another provider.

The same rule applies to mailing list or marketing automation software. Make sure that you test the email that will be sent to your subscribers. Are you able to easily view the content on your mobile device?

What are the barriers to mobile use?

  1. Speed – the time it takes for the site to load on mobile.
  2. SSL (Secure Socket Layer that makes it difficult to hack a session) – Browsers are now showing “Not Secure” notices for sites that do not have an encrypted link between the web browser and Server. With all the horror stories of hacking, phishing and bitcoin mining, who wants to be on a site that is “not secure”?
  3. Text that is small, light and difficult to read.
  4. Difficulty in seeing the details.
  5. Having to scroll and zoom to see the text.
  6. Confusing navigation.

According to Google Webmasters hangouts discussion, the mobile version of the website should be the same as the desktop version, with adjustments to view the content easily.

Google has already started rolling out the Mobile First Index and that means that sites that are tracking their data will see that the Smartphone Googlebot is crawling the site.


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