SafePlace North America

  • Date: May 2017
  • Website:
  • Project Type: New website

About this Project

Safeplace already had a good brochure website, however it was not responsive to mobile devices and it was written in HTML markup that made it challenging to alter. The client had stopped marketing one line of products, wanted to add new products and update the site. The original site developer was unavailable and expensive.


Copy the existing site retaining the clients branding and images. Delete obsolete content and add new products.


  1. Download a copy of the existing production site as a backup.
  2. Build a replica of the HTML site offline using WordPress
  3. Test the new site for speed and responsiveness.
  4. Upon client approval clone the new site to production.


The client is extremely happy with his new website that is responsive and easy to update when necessary.

He was dissatisfied with the number of updates required by WordPress and constantly having to request maintenance.  Since he has a hosting package that includes daily backups retained for a month, the updates were automated based on the understanding that the site be checked regularly and the updates would be reverted if a code conflict is identified.

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