Polo Hay LLC

  • Date: June 2018
  • Website: https://polohayllc.com/
  • Project Type: New website

About this Project

A company that sells top quality perennial peanut hay located in Florida needed an informational website to display their products. The company is licensed to deliver within the state of Florida and 100 miles beyond the border.

Polo Hay LLC started when the owners struggled to find food for their polo horses and decided to create their own solution.

Since the hay business is a side gig, they delegated professionals to help them so that they can focus on their main business. This is also true for their website.



It was necessary to emphasize local presence. A search for Polo Hay LLC in Florida produced a listing for Polo shirts.


  1. Build a responsive website from scratch that looks good on Desktop and mobile explaining the products.
  2. Provide text and map location information on the website.
  3. Claim the Google My Business listing in order to get a map marker on Google Maps that correctly shows the farm’s location. List the products correctly so that clothing is not associated with this business.
  4. Set up a contact form that notifies the farm personnel when a potential or existing client is looking for information.
  5. Produce a 2 minute movie from 8 minutes of drone photography footage provided and load the movie onto YouTube. (Often the movie shows first in search results.)
  6. Provide security on the site to limit the possibility of a brute force attack.


District Creations provides monthly maintenance for Polo Hay LLC that includes updating software and providing a monthly analytics report.


The client was thrilled with the website and particularly with the YouTube video displayed on the site.
The farm personnel were super happy with the fact that the location now has a marker on Google Maps and is easier to locate.

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