De Ondarza Simmons, PLLC

  • Date: June 2018
  • Website:
  • Project Type: Add new pages- business expansion

About this Project

De Ondarza Simmons PLLC had a site that had been created several years previously and they wanted to add an additional page to reflect their expanding business.


The client already had a good brochure website, however it was not responsive to mobile devices and some for the software had last been updated several years previously. The client wished to add new products to the site and update the look of the site. The original site developer was unavailable.


  1. Copy the existing site to a subdomain so that the integrity of the production site could be preserved.
  2. On the copy of the site, change the theme to a more modern theme.
  3. Change the code for the side bars in the Blog modules to fit with the new theme.
  4. Design, build, and write copy for the the new pages. 
  5. Test the new site for speed and responsiveness.
  6. Upon client approval clone the new site to production.


The client is extremely happy with her new website’s new look and the modern layout for the Home Page and additional page.

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