Technical Communications Center

  • Date: August 2018
  • Website:
  • Project Type: Fix broken website

About this Project

The client had a website for many years that he is using as a resource for his online classes. The content is rich and posted frequently in the form of blog posts. He performed an update to the site and it broke.


Retrieve the copy of the site prior to the changes. Install new software. Perform a redesign of the site and remove outdated software.


The client was happy with the result and liked the clean, simple design.

He elected not to fix all of the broken links since his site visitors come exclusively from links that he provides. The visitors usually visit one page only and do not navigate the site.


  1. Since there was no version control on the site we spoke to the hosting company in order to retrieve the previous version from the server.
  2. Copy the existing production site to an offline location.
  3. Change the theme. Make design adjustments for the new theme.
  4. Add icons to the home page, side bar and footer sections.
  5. Add a logo.
  6. Add SSL.
  7. Fix hundreds of broken links.
  8. Add version control and malware protection.
  9. Test the new site for speed and responsiveness.
  10. Upon client approval clone the new site to production.


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