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The first thing you do when you start a business is look for a logo. If you are starting on a budget, then how about a do-it-yourself model? Looka provides a good solution for a reasonable price point. Use Looka to design, edit, preview, and save as many logos as you want for free however, in order to download a logo without a watermark there is a small fee.

Project Management

Running a business means being involved in many different fields at the same time. For me, it means marketing, accounting, and production. Many of my workflows are reusable and that is where I find a content management system helpful. Some of the products that I have used are:




Free Stock Images

It gets very tedious to see the same images taken from various resources on every website, so I strongly advise you to take your own pictures and create your own banners using tools like Canva. Alternatively, spend a little money on something better, or better still, hire a graphic designer to make your site look unique.

If you must use free stock photography here are a few  resources.




When you download the images, make sure that you keep a record of where the image came from and what the copyright policies of the website are.