Sharon Khen – Life Coach

Sharon Khen – Life Coach

I immediately fell in love with Sharon Khen, a warm, empathetic and skillful Life Coach who has a universal love of all people.

Sharon specializes in:

  • Family Coaching, such as parenting and empowering parental authority, and building healthy family relationships.
  • Working through life transitions for situations like divorce, marriage, becoming parents and relocation. Turning overwhelming feelings of chaos into an opportunity for empowerment and to gain a new sense of control over one’s life.
  • Confidence Coaching, using proven strategies to create a healthy self image and help build self-confidence.
  • Stress Management Coaching, using practical strategies to take control of the stress and how to cope with it .



Contact Snapshot

Business Name :

Sharon Khen Life Skills Coaching



Phone: 301-922-8490


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Sharon does not offer Couples Coaching or Business Counseling. She rarely sees children, since her focus is on parenting.

Children’s Book

As a mom and a Family Coach, her love for children has been expressed in a rhyming bedtime children’s book that she authored called, Thank You, Body: A Goodnight Book .

The book describes a soothing bedtime ritual where the child thanks each part of their body for what it does for them each day and is intended to promote self and body awareness and to build a positive self image among children. The book is also meant to enhance the relationship between parent and child.


Prior to her Life Coaching career, Sharon spent 10 years as a therapist. Her qualifications span from an undergraduate degree in Social Work, M.A in Expressive Therapies and post graduate certification in Psychotherapy and Life Coaching. Sharon brings diverse methods and years of professional and personal experience to every session.

There is a subtle difference between a therapist and a coach:

In Therapy- the Therapist is the expert:

In Life Coaching- the Client is the expert.

That’s why Life Coaching is so empowering

The role of the Life Coach is to bring accountability, focus and drive to the table, and help define or realign the client’s goals, create an action plan and a timeline to achieve the desired goal. The Life Coach serves as a trusted partner in a process lead by the client.

As a Life Coach, Sharon is extremely passionate about the service she renders and strongly believes that each person has the power to grow and make changes that will result in their enhanced well-being if only they had the correct tools and an unbiased advocate to accompany them on their journey.  Her love for championing people with challenges started at an early age and somehow she always knew that she would work with people and find techniques to empower them.

Sharon finds her clients by word of mouth, social media, Psychology Today listing and by partnering with other trusted professionals that she is personally acquainted with, such as psychiatrists, as well as her partnership with Montgomery Medical Clinic in Gaithersburg, MD.

Sharon recently interviewed on Empire Broadcasting Radio. The full interview is available on her website

Business tends to increase after the New Year when people make New Year resolutions and drops off during the summer when families go on vacation. Sharon welcomes a diverse clientele and wishes that Life Coaching would be recognized by medical insurance companies in order to make it more widely accessible to those that truly need it.

Sharon’s message to all of us is:

Figure out your vision for yourself and discover what is holding you back.

Take action in light of your vision:

Make a plan and a timeline to overcome your challenges
Work to create your desired change.

Commit! Commit! Commit!

If that’s too overwhelming, Get a Life Coach!