About this Project

A client with many years of experience as a language teacher had been teaching adults conversational skills. She wanted to expand her clientele and services using a website.


Design a fully equipped website from the ground up that would enable clients to purchase packages with a credit card.
The package would give them a voucher to be used in lieu of payment for individual sessions.

Denise Harris Online


The client was happy with the website. She also liked the fact that she was able to perform basic maintenance herself.
A year later she requested an additional product where she could fill out any amount on the site and be taken to a payment gateway so that clients could pay for one-time consultations.



  1. The client envisaged a solution similar to her yoga class website where clients could purchase different packages and attend the classes when it suited them without having to commit to a weekly schedule.
  2. We installed a plugin called Amelia that could be used to create the packages and also enable the teacher to schedule private lessons and additional services at a fixed fee.
  3.  We purchased hosting, installed a theme and  collaborated on page creation.
  4. One of the questions was how could we ensure that the student purchased the packages relevant to their level? We did not want potential clients to purchase something before they were screened by an instructor. We create password protected pages for them  only the designated could see the packages.
  5. Built Search Engine Optimization . This worked really well since a client reached the owner by searching on Google.
  6. Install website security.
  7.  Test the new site for speed and responsiveness.
  8. Make the website live.


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