About this Project

A client who had been blogging for many years in the travel and fashion industry purchased a website that would enable her to act as a travel agent and concierge in the hotel and accomodation industry.
The site had been hacked and a developer worked many hours to recover it, however, there were many formatting errors.


The site was very old and had been built using old software. The client wanted to retain the existing site and update it.
Install site security.
Improve Hosting.
Improve responsiveness.

Denise Harris Online


  1. Although the site was regularly backed up, the hosting company was unable to retrieve the version of the site prior to the hack. The first step was to change the hosting to a company with better security in place that would serve the website faster. We picked Flywheel.
  2. In the website fix a lot of the images and content had become distorted. Some of the text and buttons overlapped. This required me to go into each template and change the code. There were many small fixes.
  3. The client wanted an easy way to connect with potential clients and travel writers. We installed Gravity forms because we liked the confirmation email system.
  4. Update content like adding the client’s new Instagram account to the Social Icons. Adding a new Hotel Vendor to the mix.
  5. Make content changes to reflect the current status of the client’s business.
  6. Install website security.
  7. Improve Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) and improve the FAQ.
  8. Install a page builder that would enable the client to easily update new pages and content.
  9. Add gift shop pages and include links to the relevant websites.
  10. Make sure that all existing website links worked.
  11. This project included many hours of small changes to text, images and formatting. 


The client was happy with the result and used it to pivot a consultation job as a brand specialist.
I wish we could have done a better job of going through the thousands of images and checking how they looked on different devices. Half of the audience was viewing the site on desktop and some images are still distorted.
I would have liked to install a new and more user friendly theme. I understand the client’s hesitancy since there was so much custom built software there.
I truly admire this client for her dedication to the environment and for deleting content that she felt did not serve the purpose of an eco-friendly website.
If I need an hotel abroad I will call her first.


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